Corban's debut album A Wandering Home is coming out in August of 2021!

This project was started in 2020 with the help of Nine Athens Music and features 11 original songs.

Self-produced, it showcases Corban's penchant for storytelling and spinning narratives using lyrics, the textures of an acoustic string-band, and a few sparse soundscape elements. 

Corban sings and plays guitar and mandolin on the album, as well as producing and adding brushes/other percussion. 

Aaron Wolff co-produced the album and can be heard playing tin whistle, cello, virtual pedal steel, bouzouki, and singing harmony vocals.

Other musicians featured on the album are Hazel Royer, Ira Klein, Korey Brodsky, Korri Spruyt, Jackson Welter, and Dillon Havins.

The entire album is being released on streaming services as a series of singles. One song will be released every month for a year, before the entire project is compiled as an album there.

Another Kind of Blues dropped June 15th, and Can You Spare $5? dropped July 15th.

Starting in August 2020, the full album will also be available directly from Corban via download (watch this space) or as a CD.

If purchased directly, all proceeds go to supporting Corban and his musical endeavors in the future instead of ending up in the pockets of streaming companies (who don't pay artists well).