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The Welter Brothers

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Corban and Jackson Welter perform together as the Welter Brothers.

The Welter Brothers are, in many ways, a classic stringed instrument-wielding blood harmony duo. Like the Louvins, Monroes, and Everlys, they have spent countless hours melding their individual sounds into a cohesive unit. However, the wells they draw from stand unique among similar groups.


Jackson, a historian, delves as far back as the thirteenth century in the English/Scottish ballad tradition, infusing this wealth of knowledge into even the most modern arrangements. Corban, an original songwriter and skilled technician on several instruments, brings a contemporary perspective to even the oldest of songs.

Together, their style stands at the nexus of genres, as if time-traveling anthropologists had distilled the last 200 years of storytelling and dance tunes into music suitable for the modern palette.

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